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The Stress of Loneliness

How do I solve the stress of loneliness? Interesting question. And I pose one as a reply. Is it stress that you're feeling or are you possibly depressed because you're lonely? Now I'm not a clinician, but I have been through a lot of stuff and I definitely know what that lonely feeling feels like having Post-traumatic stress.There are some days that I don't want to be connected. I call it forced loneliness to reset and be with my thoughts. And then there are other days where I'm like, hmmm, is anybody really out there? Can I be connected to anybody? I just remember going through that time and, although it wasn't really a stressful time, the possibility of being permanently disconnected can be stressful.

Let me reiterate, that I'm not credentialed to give any kind of clinical diagnosis on the depression. But I'm an expert on stress just by living through one of the most stressful events in US history and dealing with my own stuff after. And although it's been a really long time since September 11th, it is something that's always there. So yeah, loneliness sucks. And the best way and the best advice that I can give to deal with this stress of loneliness is find what you like to do and then get connected to a group that does it. Whether you know somebody that you can call directly or join a meetup group. Loneliness is something that we force on ourselves. We self isolate which causes loneliness. And once we recognize that, we have the ability to choose. We can choose loneliness or we can choose connection. So loneliness as a stressor can be easily addressed.

There's so much to be connected to in our world. People and things. If you don't want to choose people, cool. I totally get that. But you know what you are you connected to? Your pets. You are connected to whatever you call your higher power. Being connected spiritually, means you're never alone.

Choose not to be lonely, choose to get connected to something. There's plenty to get connected to out there based upon what you like to do, whether it's gardening, whether it s firearms stuff, whether it's car stuff, whether it's knitting. You name it, there are tons of groups out there that connect people.

So, the stress of loneliness is self-imposed. You have the power, always, to correct that. Choose to get and stay connected.

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