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Can One Type of Stress Relief Really Fit All?

Everyday in our busy lives we experience stress in some fashion. Whether it stems from work, home, an underlying condition like Post-Traumatic Stress, or our commute, we are bombarded. And just like stress coming from different sources, so do solutions for minimizing it. While there are some universal practices like deep breathing which work for most, or taking a 10 minute walk, the overall positioning indicates that stress relief techniques are as individualized as we are. Some will work for you, and some won't. It's the exploration that is fun. So why does one type of stress relief for one person not work for another?

I really think it's has to do with a couple of things. First, I think it has to do with the fact that we are ingrained with certain stress reaction factors that we may have grown up with. Did you grow up in a hectic household where nobody showed you how to deal with stress? Maybe you haven't learned yet how to handle stress. Have you ever asked somebody else how they deal with the stressful situation that you're experiencing? Having a mentor or someone you can consult with is super helpful. How do you find one? You ask. Have you ever noticed if someone handles stress better than you? If so, ask them how they do it? There are people ready and willing to lend a hand. That doesn't mean you have to shell out the cash. You can even find great resources on line. You've landed here after all! There are lots of books, and articles out there as well.

Whether you're suffering everyday stress or from post traumatic stress, your day can be thrown off. You've got to teach yourself how to reset. And sometimes it's difficult to do that all by yourself. If you have PTS like me, sometimes it's difficult move through whatever the trigger is. I would highly recommend that you consider some type of professional to help you walk through those anxious moments. There are lots of different resources out there. From the traditional talk therapy to EMDR, which is what I used, which is fantastic for triggers. There's also tapping. You can go onto YouTube and find that.

If you're somebody who is just tired of the general stress in your life I understand that too. I'm a mom. I've had to learn to reset. And I've reached out to many, different organizations and resources, coaches, and mentors that have all kinds of stress in their lives.

So really, one size doesn't fit all because not everybody's stress is the same. And not everybody feels the stress, the same way. And not everybody uses the same thing as a stress outlet.

Recommendation to start: 1. If you are feeling stressed, get up and move. Walk around your office, go do a flight of stairs, whatever it is, the best thing that you can do to alleviate the immediate stress response is move.

2. Get curious. Ask yourself, "Why is this happening? Or why do I feel this way?"

3. Examine what has caused you the stress. How would the BEST you respond differently next time the same kind of stress shows up?

Stress will always be there, it's how you choose to respond that makes all the difference for you and how you feel. So explore the options, ask questions, find a mentor, and if necessary a professional to help. Your solutions are out there.

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