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12 WEEK High Performance Consulting

"True courage is being able to smile in the face of adversity while embracing one's own vulnerability." 

Sam's unique experience as a United States Secret Service Agent makes her your ideal consultant.


Why? She's led teams. She's been on the front lines with men & women having to make split second decisions in the midst of stress & chaos. She's experienced the naked truth of what it means to be completely beaten down and at the bottom, ready to give up and then come back...And now she's ready to give you access to a formula for performance success.


They just won't listen...How many times do I need to tell them?...Why can't they make their deadlines?...I've given them everything they need?


As a leader, how many times have you found yourself asking these questions? 


A recent study found that only 8% of leaders are good at both strategy and execution. The results:

  • Missed deadlines

  • Friction among team members

  • Ineffective communication

  • Overall poor performance

Continuing down this track is painful, filled with stress, and self doubt. 

I've been there and it cost me my business and everything that I invested into it. What I learned, were some key leadership lessons. They helped me turn things around and move into a leadership position within a large organization and lead them to successful change after being stagnant for many years. As a result, it led to:

  • Higher retention

  • Positive morale changes

  • Repeated project success

  • A willingness to work together

  • Employees felt empowered to communicate up the chain


By bringing in Sam to consult with you, you will learn the keys to successful high performance leadership:


  • How being intentional & accountable cultivates trust.

  • The "myth" of motivation.

  • The "Step Away" principle to recognize when you are and when you are not present, and how that impacts team performance. 

  • The importance of habits and humility.

  • And much more.

Follow the consultation process and you'll come away with never missing deadlines, effective communication and trust, and off the charts performance!

"What I've found through working with people is it's really just a few small tweaks, redirection if you will, and the discipline to do the habits that other's won't which can accelerate your success in anything."


Whether in the boardroom or out in the field, Sam will work with you to reveal what's holding you back and help you emerge as the courageous bold leader that you were meant to be.


1-on-1 consulting includes access to Sam for (1) 60 minute coaching session per week for 12 weeks. You are welcome to complete the 12 weeks in a shorter time frame with longer sessions. You will work directly with Sam to set the schedule.


COST: For pricing information contact us.


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