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Living the 3 C's Lifestyle

Courage ~ Confidence ~ Contribution 


I'm often asked how I have the energy to do what I do and how I stay looking like I do. It takes work and it wasn't always like this. At 29, at the beginning of my Secret Service career, while on duty an old sports injury threatened to sideline me. Physical therapy followed and so did a lot of those NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatories) because at that time it's all I knew. With age came wisdom and a partnership with a company that opened my eyes to what anti-aging and functioning well really means. 

Living the 3 C's, courage, confidence, and contribution means making a choice to be informed and taking control of your aging process. Whether you are interested in anti-aging from the inside or the outside I can help you find a solution. Imagine...


  • More energy & stamina

  • Ideal weight management & loss

  • Saying goodbye to joint pain

  • Reducing stress

  • Better eyesight

  • Beautiful skin without surgery or injections


Now at almost 50 yrs old, I'm still doing the things I love, but with more ease and loving the skin I'm in!




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