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Special EveNTS

California Deamin event flyer.png

Now Taking Reservations - $155 per person. Venmo or Zelle Douglas Gould 214-843-3692


SOLD OUT! Imagine what it would be like to have direct access to the firepower of John Wick, Die Hard, Miami Vice, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Bond 007, and my very own U.S. Secret Service sidearm, which is one of a kind (The Service doesn't carry it anymore) in your hands and then enjoy some of the most delicious wines, cheeses, appetizers, and charcuterie.

Bullets Beasts and Bourbon and I have teamed up to provide you just that. First, we'll be out on the range shooting then we'll lock everything up and proceed to the VIP club to enjoy 5 delicious wines.

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