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Why Your Usta's Are Important to Combat Stress

Transcript: Happy Monday, welcome to another episode of solving your stress mini series. I am your host Sam in every Monday, 12:30 central time. We come together to discuss things that cause you stress, and how to eliminate stress, based on your questions that you submit to me and other things going on, that may cause stress. A change in the format a little bit. I have the ability to go live on several different platforms. So what I'll do is just ask you straight out, to subscribe to my YouTube. If you haven't, it's Samantha Horwitz. If you're watching it from there, that's great. Bounce on over to my Facebook page @TheSamHorwitz and follow me there and @ABadgeofHonor as well. I am broadcasting to those outlets because all of this information, is crucial and critical for you to manage your stress.

2020 was the most stressful year ever. And it's continuing right into 2021. So the stress hasn't left. And, what I mean by stress is that negative stress. There are two different kinds of stress, distress, yuck! and eustress. Yay! We want a little bit of stress in our lives. The good kind that pushes us forward that gives us the courage to take on new challenges, new things. That's the kind of stress we want in our life, but everybody is telling me that they're suffering from distress, which is having, ramifications in their health and other things like that. So today we're going to talk about why your Ustas matter more now. And you're probably going, what's that word? Sam are you saying you-sta? I usta fish. I usta hunt. I usta go to the racetrack. I usta get together with friends, used to U -S- E-D TO, I call them USTAS because that's how we sound, when we talk really fast, that's how it comes out.

So why your ustas matter now, even more. The problem is that things are just crazy right now. And we consciously have chosen to focus on different things. That's not a criticism, that's real life. And so some of the things that we used to do that would bring us joy and that put a smile on your face, they seem to have drifted off by the wayside, whether its because there's more demand at work, more demand of family because most people are still home, homeschooling their kids. It's just something that we accepted and that we said, "Oh, that's okay." And what I want to let you know is that right now is we need to bring back those ustas because it's what makes us whole as humans. It makes us feel good. It keeps us positive because everything that's coming at us right now is negative. It's fear-mongering, it's putting you into how do I protect mode? So we need to look outside of that and bring your ustas closer.

So the solution is to make a conscious effort, right? "Sam, it's too much effort. There's no time ."I get you. I so understand what you mean. My life changed drastically in 2020, when all my platforms changed. There was no public speaking, everybody was fearful of this virus thing going around. The way that you solve that is you put it in your schedule. Science has shown that if we have it written down, if we have it in a schedule, just like we follow a schedule for work, you're going to show up.

Why not show up for your life? So if it's written down, if it's in your schedule, there's more likelihood that it will get done. So whether you keep your schedule on this thing (mobile device), or whether you keep your schedule on a paper thing, whether you keep your schedule on both kinds of things, get it on your schedule. One of the biggest things that I find that is awesome, is I took the most fun part of law enforcement. I go shooting. I go shooting with my husband and we go to the range we practice. It became a usta for a long time because of my law enforcement schedule. Well, you know, now that things have changed, I kind of got on this track. I put it on my schedule. We made the commitment - and I got to tell you that's the best form of group therapy, for me, that I that's out there. So whatever hobbies you, usta do, or you find yourself missing, schedule time for that. Make that your focus, because it's going to bring your stress levels down. And it's also going to make you better for those around you. So get back doing the things that you usta do and you usta love, and you usta like.

Another cool thing is, and you may notice a scrolling across the screen is a website, Connect with me there. What that is, is some really cool training. You get to be with me for an hour. I take you through more of my story about 9/11. The post-traumatic stress that I was diagnosed with and suffered from for many, many years. My journey back, what it looked like and then I have a very special offer for you there.

Connect with me on social media. If you're watching me on Facebook, thank you. Follow me. Jump on over to YouTube page, Samantha Horwitz, H-O-R-W-I-T-Z and subscribe there and you'll get alerted to all the lives. You'll also see on my YouTube page, tons and tons of videos, about stress and, everything that we're doing to talk about why you need to pay attention to that right now, in addition to the radio show. So that is it for today. Happy Monday, everybody. I wish you a much less stress filled day and week. Spread the love here. And if you know of anybody that has some significant stress in their lives, spread this around, share the love. We need to stay connected as a community. And as always, thank you very much for tuning in and watching today. Remember schedule those ustas. Until next time. This is Sam, out.

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