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Using Positivity & Gratitude to Alleviate Your Stress

Hey guys. Good morning. This is Sam coming to you live from Dallas Love Field Airport, getting ready to, do some traveling here. And I got my little Gator here, but you won't be able to hear me if I'm trying to talk through it. So, early solving your stress mini series because I'll be on a plane at 12:30 and today we're talking about the ability to control your stress by finding something positive and being grateful in every situation. I've been on this gratitude quest, if you will, reading a lot, doing journaling and research. The research shows that if you can find the positive and if you can find growth and be grateful in everything and actually record it, you build resilience - first off, and second, you bring your stress levels down. Now what I'm not talking about is, I'm not talking about a Pollyanna sort of thing, you know, just nothing is going wrong and everything is good, finding that positivity in absolutely everything when everything is going to heck in handbasket. What I'm talking about is having the ability to have some control in an uncontrollable world we live in.

Okay. So, I'm in an airport. What do I control? My personal space. That's about it. I don't control the plane. I don't control TSA. I don't control the check in, you know, where I checked my bag, all that kind of stuff, but I can control the way I approach it. So I got to the airport extra early. Why? To have some breathing time. I'm actually eating some food. So I'll have some fuel for the flight. And of course I have my coffee. I mean, come on that's life, right? No coffee, no do things. Um, so I can control that. And the positive thing that I found when I was checking my bags, was there was a bunch of people who were early for their flights, so it made it less stressful on the people checking us in. Everybody actually had a smile on their face underneath these things (masks). Okay...So every single day, no matter what kind of day you think you're having, you have more control than you think. So a find the positive in every situation and every night, find three things to be grateful for, write them down. And I promise, because studies show, it'll bring your stress levels down. So that's solving your stress mini series for today guys. Yes, it's a way early, but I'm getting on a plane. So thank you for tuning in. I'll catch you guys on the flip side where I'll be coming to you live next week from my new studio, thumbs up till then. Sam out.

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