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The Stress of "I Don't Have Enough Time!" And it's Simple Solution.

I feel stressed when I look at all I have to do and I feel like there's not enough time to get it done. A lot of you reading can relate to this. I used to, and then I took a step back to look at what I was allowing to pull me in so many different directions.

I'll never forget the time when I was a US Secret Service Agent and I had my quarterly shooting requals and Grand Jury at the same time on the same day. How on earth was I supposed to make that happen? I went to my supervisor and told him about the dilemma. His response to me changed the way I did things. He said, "I don't know Sam. Go figure it out." At first I thought, "Can't he see that there's no way." And then I grabbed onto those last two words, "No way." There's always a way. I needed to get tactical with this just like I learned in training as an agent.

I whipped out my scheduler which was pretty much blank because I wasn't using it like I should. If I did, I never would have found myself in this predicament. Long story short, I was able to move some things around and I got my requals and my Grand Jury done. From that point on I decided never to put myself in that sort of predicament again. Not only did it not feel good, but it caused a ton of stress.

As the years passed, I've used both written planners and one's that can be found online. What I learned was it takes both to really do a good job at avoiding the stress of feeling like you don't have enough time to get things done.

So I'm pulling back the curtain and letting you see into how I get things done without the stress of feeling like there are not enough hours in the day. It's one of my tactical secrets. I want to start off by saying I am not an affiliate, nor do I receive any compensation from what I'm about to spill the beans on.

My secret weapon for maximum productivity is call The High Performance Planner. It was created by Brendon Burchard. It allows you to get very detailed in how you structure your day and it's simple to use. Every morning you'll write out exactly what is on your proverbial plate being very detailed and putting your priorities first. The must absolutely be done today stuff. Remember, not everything must be And then there is a section for bigger projects you are working on. I chunk those big projects out scheduling two to three hours for each if I've got projects running simultaneously . You will have your planner out and open so you know exactly what you are working on and for how long. No more living by the seat of your pants. Been there, it is exhausting.

The thing I like most about The High Performance Planner is the set of ten questions which primes your mind for the day, so you can operate at your best. You get to end your day in evaluation of how you worked your day. Think of it as having your day "bookended" in thoughts of how to be better, get better, perform better. Cause nobody is going to advance your life like you are. Imagine getting up everyday totally jazzed, totally psyched and inspired to take on another day because you know that you now have the time to do what you need to and want to without feeling stressed.

So there it is. It's the simplest most productive decision you can make for yourself and you can grab it on Amazon.

If you want to know how to beat your stress everyday and really formulate a plan of action then you'll want to grab my FREE Training

Conquer Your Stress & Create More Courage today!

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