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It's A Mad, Mad Thing - MAD (Making A Difference) Radio

This is the first blog post which features a live radio show. Me & my co-host John Salerno have both battled PTSD and continue our quest to destigmatize the pain, trauma, and stress associated with it. A big part is talking about the pain, the trauma, the stress. Each week we bring on a new guest who helps in the fight to understand and bring down the stigma. Welcome to the MAD Radio Blog...

I heard a strange comment once. "Addiction is a cure..." At first I thought what? But think about it, whether it be alcohol, drugs, pornography, or work(aholic), addiction temporarily takes away the pain and for a few hours, there is peace. So addiction cures the pain. The trauma however, stay. Left untreated, the addiction, pain, & trauma continue in a vicious circle. On this episode of MAD radio we unpackage addiction with Melissa Engle & John Edmonson from Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas.

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