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I Don't Want to People Today - A Special Live Video.

Hey, Hey, it is straight up 1230 on Monday. Hey, welcome to another edition of solving your stress mini series. My name is Sam. I am your host and yes, we are again, live on two different channels here. So sometimes I'll be looking at you and sometimes I'll be looking at you depending on where you were, where you are tuning in from. And as always, I appreciate your patience as we , experiment with these, online platforms. I've been having some issues with some wonky Wi-Fi so hopefully this will go out without problems. So without further ado, it is a holiday season and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We talked a lot about stress around the holidays the last time and so maybe you're just not in the mood to people today and at least that's how we're seeing it these days.

Great question about how to deal with stress around certain people. Now we are, like I said, in the holiday time, we are going to be seeing family, we are going to be seeing friends. Hey, some of us even have to work through the holidays, which kind of stinks on its own. So maybe you're in a space where you just are stressed out by people and you don't want to people and you don't want to see people. And maybe it's one person or two people that just drive you nuts. How do you deal with that first, you know, you're going to see them, especially if they're family. So, you know, a lot of what I like to do in setting up my day is to think about and really anticipate what are the things that can cause me stress today. I'm very directed with that question and I take a little bit of time to just write out the things that could go wrong.

It could be tech. I put down technology today. If you can anticipate what is going on and what might cause you stress, you can figure out the best thing that I can do to combat it if it occurs? So like right now, we've got a dark screen and a light screen. Oh well technology, I don't know how to fix it. I am not a professional when it comes to lighting. I do my best to bring you the best videos, but ultimately it is about the content. That's what I care about the most, that I am offering you useful content. So if all you could see where my eyeballs, cause we were in a dark room, if I'm delivering you the best content I feel in my heart, then uh, I feel like I've done a great job as I anticipated a tech, no biggie. Um, so let's take that to people you anticipate. You know, that you're going to have to see this person, this group of people, whatever it is.

What are the things that you can do to eliminate the stress that that causes? Well, if you've tuned in to a multiple or you've gone back and watched the recordings, you've checked out the blog posts, what do I talk about? Detach, prioritize, and execute. That is always, I want you to understand that it is always your fallback, especially when you're in the suck and you're in the stressful situation right then and there and at that point. But when we're in anticipation, if you stay there, what does that cause anxiety around it and all you think about all days we've got around a lot. I've got to see this person, write it out. I have to see this person. What can I do? Decide and be intentional about the emotion and the feeling that you want to bring to the situation. If you know that it's always stressful, change that. Decide. Be intentional that no matter what, I'm going to smile and I'm going to bring my happiest self to the situation. I am going to bring joy. As a great mentor, Brendon Burchard says, "Bring the joy" to whatever the situation. Ultimately it resides that choice reside with you. You are in control of one thing...You.

I don't want you to think that I'm turning this around saying, well how can I be the cause of stress? Uh, cause you are, I'm sorry, again, I'm not trying to be mean or, or you know facetious about it. You can track your own emotions, your responses and everything you do as it relates to every single situation. You're walking into one, we're caught off guard. We've got detach, prioritize and execute. We know we've got that fallback, practice, practice, practice. When we know we have to see that person that drives us crazy or the group of people that drive us nuts.

We know we've got to see them. We anticipate every single year. It's a cause of anxiety. It's a cause of stress. Decide, make the choice that you are going to be intentional about the emotions that you bring, the responses that you bring to the situation, no matter what they say. I mean maybe it's, you know, you want to throttle them. There are those times, breathe... I promise you'll get through it and please don't do that. Okay? So how do you deal with people that stress you out? A - you already know they're going to be there and they're going to stress you out. So let's throw the anticipatory stress and all that anxiety out the window.

B - decide to be intentional about the feelings and about the emotions that you want to bring to the situation. Work your happiness plan. You are in control of you. Nobody can get you off that happiness track. Make it a a game in your mind. Create your happiness train. My husband and my son love the movie Polar Express around this holiday time. Use that as your happiness train. If you haven't seen that movie, go watch the scene with the train and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Put yourself on that happiness train. Make the choice to bring happiness and joy to the situation. And that person remember, doesn't have control of you. You have control of yourself and the situation. And that is how you deal with stressful people.

So short video today to the point, I hope that helped you out. Hey, remember I've got a blog out there. Visit my website, Samantha has all different kinds of stuff that we talked about with stress. If you want to book me to speak, you can do it right there. I've got a form and we are almost to Christmas and new year's. So again, wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons. I will be back with you next Monday, 1230 sharp until next time. Sam out.

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