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Creating a Positive Vision to Alleviate Stress

Hey guys, it is a, another episode of solving your stress mini series. I am your host, Sam. It is straight up Monday at 12:30 now. You're probably wondering, uh, about my background here and we'll get to that. Today we're going to go on a little journey, because two weeks ago I talked about coming to you live from my new office and well, that's been a journey unto itself. So what we've been doing here is trying to create a space where be able to come to you live. I mean, in a really fun, exciting, good space. And, I'm going to turn the camera around here because we're working on two spaces. So here here's, here's one new floor, it's empty and there's a reason for that. And then I'm gonna take you on up to the new office space.

Okay. As you can see, it's still not done, right? Still not done three weeks behind. So what has been going on has been super stressful and I really needed to take a step back because in the midst of all this, we moved my mom halfway across the country. She's here with us, and what that means is, in addition to all of this which is not fun when you're a little type A like me - I like order. So been really stressful time. You're probably wondering, well, Sam, tell us how you've dealt with it? And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I had to look into the future and imagine what my office space is going to look like. And that's what's kept me positive about the whole thing. Has it been ideal? No, but I say but, because it's what's coming after the, but that is the important thing.

The more and more I see myself coming to you live each Monday, doing great podcast, great webinars and all the other stuff that I've been doing from my closet. It's going to be so amazing when it's finished. And that has helped me sort of look past this fiasco of construction. Now the frustration still there, but the stress is not there. And I want to make a distinction because frustration, if it's not dealt with can lead to stress, but if you're able to separate it out, create that positive mental outlook, that positive image of what you're creating in the future, your stress levels come down. So I'm not in construction. Although I learned a heck of a lot about flooring throughout this whole project. And could I finish it probably with some YouTube videos, but that's what our general contractor was for.

That's a whole other side issue, cause he's pretty much disappeared. It will get done. And next week, next week I am looking forward to coming to you live from my brand new studio, which will not be my master bedroom closet. Okay. So again, if you're in the muck, if you're in the stress, create a positive outlook, something in the future, envision it being better. Envision yourself being well, focus on that and it will bring you through the stress and you'll be a lot more happy on the flip side. So, welcome to my world and what's been going on these past bunch of weeks. Thank you for allowing me to get personal and show you my absolute mess. In addition to my master bedroom closet. And until next week Sam out.

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