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Welcome to A Badge of Honor - Cultivating Your Courage Home Study Course

You made the right choice! The 6  lessons I learned during my battle w/ PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) are designed to allow you to take immediate action to help combat the stress you, a loved one, or someone you supervise, may be experiencing. With this video course you will be able to step confidently into any situation, by following a step-by-step strategic plan which builds your courage and confidence and alleviates your stress.


Please watch the videos in order as they appear below. Your bonuses can also be accessed directly from this page.  


Today is the day you’ll finally start to feel free! Free from the daily grind and struggle with feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. Free from anxiety and depression. Free from feeling exhausted.


Introduction --> 








Lesson 1 -->






Lesson 2 -->













Lesson 3 --> part 1 & 2

     part 1.                                                                                      part 2.




Lesson 4 -->




Lesson 5 --> 


Lesson 6 --> 



Lesson 7 --> 












Tactical Daily Plan & Assessment workbook:









The Silent Fall as an audio book and e-book:

Audio Book:

















E-Book -->!AtixebvCCYSP8yO6xWPjnwKmg7uK?e=Y2azeR (Download the file directly after opening the link)

The 10 Step De-Stress Checklist:  

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