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Conquer Stress & Create More Courage

See Why 9/11 First Responder and former United States Secret Service Agent Sam Horwitz is the perfect choice to speak at your next event.


Click on Sam's video below 

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9/11 First Responder, Former United States Secret Service Agent & Speaker, Samantha Horwitz

Every single organization in the world wants high performing employees who can achieve efficiently. The problem is stress.

How much is stress costing your organization? Stress is the destroyer of every team. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, in the military, corporate employee, teacher, or doctor in a hospital, you are being asked to do more with less.

There is more to do and with the competition abound, the stakes are higher than ever before.


There are other companies and people out there who do what you do, and you cannot afford to fail. That's the pain that the average organization feels.

Nobody understands stressful situations better than Samantha Horwitz. As a 9/11 first responder and former Secret Service Agent, she's been through one of the most stressful situations in history! She was front and center on September 11th. She was in the World Trade Center's North Tower when American Airlines flight 11 struck it and she worked the pile in the weeks following. As a result, she suffered from Post Traumatic Stress.

What she learned is that there is a process for how to manage stress effectively, so that you can not only perform in high stress situations, but that you can recover properly, and perform consistently without living with anxiety and depression. 

Sam has a process for helping any executive, business professional, law enforcement officer, first responder, member of the military, teacher or stay at home mom, to better process stress, and be able to have more courage in their life.

She can help team members and leaders to:

  • Get more done in less time.

  • Live with less anxiety. 

  • Create better team performance.

  • Have better mental health in your office and working                environment.

  • Live a more stress free life.

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If you're looking for a speaker to come teach your team how to perform at their highest level, with less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, then invite Sam to speak now.

SAm's Clients Include

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Make the choice to be your own hero right now!

In this FREE 1 hour training I will teach you how to cultivate your courage and live with less stress everyday.



• Feeling more in control.

• Experiencing less stress.

• Being happier.

• Being more confident.

• Taking less sick days.

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"Samantha’s presentation was eye-opening! her insights were both motivational and inspirational. I’d recommend her as a speaker for any organization."

Michael G., President Rowlett Chamber of Commerce 

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"Thank you so much for your message and your inspiration to others to face their fears with courage knowing they are not alone."

Sharon A., Health Consultant

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"It was an honor to have you join us and share your story with us. Thank you for your service and all you do to support us."

Dorris M., Finance Manager

About Sam

Sam is a 9/11 First Responder, former United States Secret Service Agent, speaker and author. Her story has been featured in People Magazine, on ABC, CBS, Blaze TV with Glenn Beck, and in other local and national media. She authored The Silent Fall: A Secret Service Agent’s Story of Tragedy and Triumph After 9/11.

Sam has become an expert in stress and shares her insights on how to recognize and combat the effects of PTS, how to minimize the damage stress can cause in the workplace, and how to support those who have PTS.

For more about Sam click here 

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